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Practical Magic With The Tarot To Enhance Your Life And Overcome Everyday Challenges

Change Your Life Through The Power Of Spells And Tarot Magic!

Sometimes we encounter situations in our daily life that we just can’t fix!

The power of logic escapes us and we can’t seem to figure a way out. When this happens, it is time for something more than just thinking – it is time for “real” magic. It’s time to harness the unseen powers of your mind and of the Universe to deliver results that you won’t get any other way. Welcome to Tarot Spells.

The spells you’ll find on this page are all tried and tested spells, using the power of the mind and the symbolism of the Tarot to call upon ancient powers to assist you in gaining your desired outcome. Each spell utilises Tarot cards (included for most spells as downloadable pdf or you you can use your own deck if you have one) together with easily available candles, incense sticks and optionally an essential oil. Depending upon the spell, it can take between one and eight days to work the magic, and we guide you every step of the way with “How To” videos, downloadable worksheets and Tarot rituals and guided meditations. You have everything you need, guided by an experienced practitioner of the magical arts to assist you in getting the fast results you desire.

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