Tarot Spell to Free Yourself From Negativity, Pain & Guilt

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This spell is designed to enable you to let go of negative emotions in the moment – and to move yourself from an unresourceful place to a place where you are feeling more resourceful and you have more options available to you. It is NOT designed as a replacement for psychotherapy or professional help; it can be a useful tool to move you to a more resourceful place from where you can get more help should you need it. This module consists of five sections, together with downloadable materials including a guided meditation, an outcome worksheet, downloadable Helios Tarot Cards to colour in and the Tarot Spell itself. Each section walks you step-by-step through the process of defining your outcome, preparing the setup for the spell, and then performing the spell itself:

The five sections are:

  1. The What, Why & How of Magic – introduction to the spell
  2. The Practice of Magic
  3. Defining your outcome and identifying blocks to success
  4. Preparing for, and performing the Tarot Spell
  5. Bonus lecture: Why study magic?
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