Tarot Spell to Attract Money & Prosperity

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Welcome to this Tarot Spell for Attracting Money And Prosperity.

This spell is designed to enable you to attract money And prosperity. It consists of five sections, together with downloadable materials including a guided meditation, an outcome worksheet  and the Tarot Spell itself. Please note that to perform this spell you will need your own Tarot Deck. Each section walks you step-by-step through the process of defining your outcome, preparing the setup for the spell, and then performing the spell itself:

The five sections are:

  1. The What, Why & How of Magic – introduction to the spell
  2. The Practice of Magic
  3. Defining your outcome and identifying blocks to success
  4. Preparing for, and performing the Tarot Spell
  5. Bonus lecture: Why study magic?

You can download the following infographic which walks you through the process of preparing for, and casting this spell of self-transformation

Tarot Spells Infographic
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