Mystery school training has traditionally been enigmatic, unpublished and students have been made to swear oaths of secrecy if they reveal any of the teaching and methods employed.

Whilst we at The Helios School of Esoteric Science fully understand the reasons for this, and have sympathy with the secrecy that has traditionally surrounded esoteric training, we live in different times now, and much of what in the past had been kept secret is now freely available in books and on the Internet.

However, as the other authentic Mystery Schools are also fully aware, it isn’t so much as the information delivered that it is important to protect as the methods, experiences and “inner plane” contacts of the school and the connections to the unseen realms that the students develop. This cannot be learnt from books and can only be gained by studying with a genuine, “contacted” Mystery School.

So on this website you will see details of the training curriculum for our introductory level, First Degree and Second Degree trainings, which collectively we call “The Path of the Adept.”


Hidden Wisdom is our introductory level course designed to introduce you to the Western Mystery Tradition and to the philosophy and approach of the Helios School of Esoteric Science. It is free of charge to all students who register their details and download the course.


Learning Objectives


At the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Describe the Western Mystery Tradition and its evolution from ancient times to the present day
  • Explain the process of personal and spiritual development from an esoteric perspective
  • Explain what magic is and how it relates to esoteric spirituality
  • Experience simple meditation and breathing processes and travelling through your own inner worlds
  • Determine whether following a course on the Western Mysteries through the Helios School Of Esoteric Science is for you



Learning Content


Topic 1: What is the Western Mystery Tradition and why study it?


Topic 2: The evolution of the Western Mysteries from Atlantis to the present day.


Topic 3: The process of personal transformation and spiritual development.


Topic 4: Learning the mysteries: What is involved and what would I have to do?


Topic 5: Experiencing the inner worlds: guided meditations and path workings.


The First Degree offers a comprehensive training in the basics of the Western Mystery Tradition including the Qabalistic System of spiritual development, the Tarot and the key techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as they apply to learning and enhancing your experience of magic.


The focus is on the gradual and coherent development of the physical, emotional, mental and physical bodies enabling all aspects of the student to reach full maturity and hence develop fully into what Dion Fortune describes as “More than human.”


The course consists of eight individual modules, completed sequentially, each module building on the knowledge and experience gained in the previous modules.


Students can choose how they follow this training: they can “pay as you go”, completing each of the modules in sequence in their own time, at their own pace, and purely through self-study. They are supported through a private Facebook page where students can share their experiences, ideas and can ask questions.


Alternatively, students can choose to become full members of the school, committing to a pay monthly or annual membership fee, that provides additional levels of support and member benefits such as monthly webinars, individualised email support, discussion groups for each module and, for those students able to dedicate themselves to a “fast track” to personal and spiritual growth, individual monthly Skype coaching sessions.


More details can be found on the membership sign-up page.


The full training curriculum is detailed below:



The Second Degree is two to three years training, and is based on the ancient Egyptian system of metaphysics and spiritual development. Students who embark on the Second Degree Course will have completed the First Degree training and have received their First Degree Initiation from the Director of Studies.


This is not a training that can be dropped and picked up as other interesting things move in and out of your life! Following the Second Degree Training requires a commitment from the student to follow the entire training, and membership includes coaching and mentoring.


The Second Degree Training increases the intensity of the work and demands dedication and commitment. It takes the student on a transformative journey of emotional, mental and spiritual development following the journey of Ra, the ancient Egyptian creator god as he travels through the twelve hours of the Duat of the Underworld. This is the very same journey the initiated priests and priestesses of ancient Egypt would undertake, and the process has been researched and recreated from the ancient texts with assistance and promptings from the Inner Plane contacts of the school whose lineage goes back to the ancient mystery school of Heliopolis and Alexandria.


In addition to this transformative and initiatory journey through the Duat, the Second Degree students will be required to attend workshops for energy healing practice and initiation.


It is expected that all students following the Second Degree Training will reach initiation and become a modern day priest or priestess of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries.


The full curriculum is as follows (subject to change, as it is currently in development by the Director of Studies and other senior initiates of the school):



The path of the Third Degree Initiate is demanding, and requires nothing less than the commitment of the Initiate to teaching the Mysteries and passing the torch on to the next generation of spiritual seekers.


This commitment is called the “Unreserved Dedication” and making it will commit the initiate to not simply their current lifetime as a teacher of the Mysteries, but a dedication to the Mysteries and the Light for future lifetimes too.


Such a commitment has life-changing implications for those close to you, your family, friends and quite possibly your career. It should not be taken lightly. Often times people see initiations to be collected like awards for good behaviour or for achieving “things.” This is NOT the case. They are “an outward sign of an inner grace bestowed” and with them go responsibilities that are not to be taken lightly.


For many people who walk the path of the Third Degree there is an inner knowingness that this path has been walked before in previous lifetimes, and often awareness of this previous learning and knowledge starts to become available in their current life.


There have been times over the millennia when the Light of the Mysteries has very nearly been extinguished, and it is a heavy responsibility that Third Degree Initiates choose to accept.


The training fully equips initiates to teach the Mysteries, and besides a detailed and tailored magical and spiritual training, the student agrees to attend and become certified as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner and then trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


The details of the spiritual training at this level are withdrawn and available only to initiates who choose to take on this responsibility. Suffice to say the training is of both Egyptian and Atlantean origin.


Monthly webinars are included in the membership fee for all students who are on the bronze, silver and gold membership plans. Attendance for Blue (Pay as you go) students can be purchased as an optional extra.


Each month we run a webinar on a topic relevant to the training, and students have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenter, who is an experienced initiate of Helios. These webinars will be recorded for replay later, and available to bronze, silver and gold membership plans for later viewing.


Topics include:


  • The history and development of the Western Mystery Tradition
  • The ancient civilisation of Atlantis
  • The Magic of ancient Egypt: Gods, Goddesses and temple worship
  • The purpose and structure of ceremonial magic
  • The origins and structure of the Tarot
  • Tarot practical magic
  • The meaning and purpose of initiation
  • The Priesthood of the Mysteries in a 21st Century world


From time to time in North America and the United Kingdom we will offer practical workshops which fall into two broad categories: teaching workshops for learning new knowledge and practicing skills, and experiential workshops which are les about teaching and more about the practical experience of a Priest/Priestess of the Mysteries.



Ritual Magic In The Western Mystery Tradition


There have been many excellent books written on practical ceremonial magic in the Western Mystery Tradition yet there are very few easily accessible training courses on the basics of performing effective ritual magic.


This series of five, one-day workshops presents a rare opportunity to study with an experienced practitioner of the art and science of ritual magic. The final workshop enables you to put into practice all the skills learnt throughout the course.


There will be some homework to do between workshops, and each workshop builds on the ones preceding it. Participants will receive a detailed course handbook for each workshop containing the material taught and the rituals performed. These practical workshops are offered either as a series of six-one day workshops on a monthly basis or as a three weekend series (depending upon location and needs of the students).


Workshop 1: Introduction to Ritual
RoseCross ·      The Western Mystery Tradition

·      What is ritual magic?

·      The purpose of ritual

·      The different ritual traditions: Egyptian, Greek,    Qabalistic, etc.

·      Personal preparation & study

·      Meditation & Ritual Magic

·      Introduction to pathworking

·      Evening Ritual

Workshop 2: Practical Ritual Work
squareritual ·      The temple set up

·      Making and using magical tools

·      Temple behaviour and etiquette

·      Openings & closing

·      Using the voice in ritual

·      Use of music in ritual

·      The officers of the temple

·      The role of the guardian

·      Evening Ritual

Workshop 3: Practical Egyptian Ritual
Anubis ·      The Egyptian Pantheon

·      Working with the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

·      Structure of an Egyptian Temple

·      Energy flow in Egyptian ritual

·      Invoking Egyptian gods

·      Evening Ritual

Workshop 4: Practical Qabalistic Ritual
TreeofLife ·      Introduction to Qabalah

·      Working with the Archangels

·      Structure of a Qabalistic Temple

·      Energy flow in Qabalistic ritual

·      The Qabalistic Cross

·      Opening & Closing

·      Evening Ritual

Workshop 5: Intermediate Ritual Work
Sarcophagus ·      The magical personality

·      Group Minds & Ritual

·      The Assumption of Godforms

·      Clearing and consecrating sacred spaces

·      Working with the elemental kings in ritual

·      Psychic Protection

·      Astrology & Ritual

·      Ritual: Rite of Aquarius

Workshop 6: Practical Temple Working
 TempleRoom ·      Review of ritual basics covered so far

·      Practical exercises: openings, closings consecrations, invocations

·      Opening the astral temple

·      Pathworkings & meditations

·      Use of tarot in ritual

·      Practical ritual working: Egyptian, Qabalistic, Atlantean and Tarot rituals