Goodbye to an Old Friend – Gary Plunkett RIP

Gary Plunkett, Initiate of the Hawaiian Huna Tradition, Celtic Shaman

It is with great sadness that I mark the passing of my friend Gary Plunkett on the 4th April, 2018, who I have known for over 15 years. I first met Gary at a Servants of the Light conference in 2003, where Gary was accompanying a guest speaker at the conference. We happened to sit next to each other, and as our conversation flowed, we realised we had many things in common and we had trained with the same people.

Gary trained in NLP and in Huna a few years after I did, with the same teacher, Dr. Tad James in Hawaii. Gary continued after completing his training with Tad to go deeper in the Hawaiian Mysteries with native Hawaiian teachers. He also trained for many years with John and Caitlin Matthews in Celtic Shamanism.

Gary was a true adept of both the Celtic Mysteries and of Huna. Indeed he personally initiated me into many of the Huna symbols which form part of the energy healing system of Huna and coached me during the early days of establishing Helios as an operating mystery school. Although Qabalah, Tarot and the Egyptian Mysteries were not Gary’s path, he was very supportive, always contributing great ideas, and indeed acted as a temple officer for me in a number of Helios initiation rituals.

Gary had a wicked sense of humour, could always be relied upon to bring levity into a situation and was truly addicted to cake! He stayed with me recently in Cyprus, only a few weeks before he finally succumbed to the illness that he had been battling with for a number of months. I am sad to see him leave us so soon, and will miss his sense of humour, his creative ideas and his unwavering support of both Helios and me personally.

I offer my prayers this his journey into the next world be joyful, comfortable, exciting and filled with love and light. May the Opener of the Ways be his guide and may his heart weigh light against the feather of Ma’at. And wherever he finds himself now, may there be plenty of cake, beer and sunshine!

Dr. Andy Cooper is the Director of Studies of the Helios School of Esoteric Science.


  1. tigerna

    My song for Gary: may the great ocean bear him home!


    Brightest stars bestow their blessing,
    Night folds fast the welcome dream.
    Thoughts go free of all distressing,
    Waken to the greater scheme.

    Where our joys spring up triumphant,
    Where our dreams run to the sea.
    May the keeper of the dreaming,
    Blessings send to you and me.

    Caitlin Matthews