Module 9: Qabalistic Magic & Mysticism

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You now arrive at the final module of the First Degree training prior to the NLP training modules (which you will complete if you are not already a Certified Practitioner of NLP), and the final module on initiation preparation. This a large module, with five lessons in total, and is designed to consolidate your understanding and experience of the Qabalah. It ties together the Tarot, the Hebrew Letters and their correspondences with the paths and sephiroth of the Tree of Life and ends with a final bonus lesson on magic and quantum physics.

Walking the Paths from Malkuth to Kether symbolises your own inner growth and spiritual development. As your own level of vibration has risen throughout this training, you can now contact the higher realms of the Tree at a deeper level than you might have been able to do previously. One of the last sets of correspondences on the Tree of Life that we need to examine is astrological. This relates to the Qabalastic World of Assiah, the world of Action where the emanations of the Tree of Life manifest through the planetary bodies at the macrocosmic level and the mundane chakras at the microcosmic level. This level completes the teaching of the final set of correspondences that you will cover in the First Degree training.

Upon completion of this module you will have gained:

  • A thorough understanding and experience of the astrological correspondences of the Tree of Life in the World of Assiah
  • A thorough understanding and experience of each of the Hebrew Letters from Aleph through to Tau
  • Detailed knowledge of the correspondences with the Tarot and astrological sign/planet of each of the Hebrew Letters
  • A deeper understanding of the Four Worlds of the Qabalah
  • An experience of connecting with each of the sephiroth in each of the Four Worlds at a very deep level
  • An insight into how this knowledge and experience can be applied to magical practice
  • A basic understanding of the concepts of Quantum Physics
  • An insight into how Quantum Physics can assist us in understanding the basic processes of magic
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Course Materials

Lesson 1: The Astrological Correspondences Of The Tree Of Life

Lesson 2: The Hebrew Alphabet

Lesson 3: The Four Worlds Of The Qabalah

Lesson 4: Pathworking On The Tree Of Life. The Evolutionary Path.

Lesson 5: Magic And Quantum Physics

Module 9 Review