Module 7: The Involutionary Path

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Welcome to Module Seven of the First Degree Training. In this module, we look once again at the Qabalah in significant detail, concentrating mainly on walking the Paths of the Tree of Life from Kether to Malkuth. This is called the Involutionary Path, as it is the descent of the soul into physical incarnation. This will be done in the next lesson, and in this lesson we focus on each sephiroth rather than on the paths. A basic understanding of Qabalah, Tarot and the Hebrew Letters is essential to the practice of magic in the Western Mysteries. Together with Egyptian Magic (the subject of the Second Degree training) they form the bedrock upon which all of Western Magic, Alchemy and much of the modern Craft Traditions are based.

What you will learn in this module

  • A deeper understanding of the sephiroth of the Tree of life through meditating in the temples associated with each sphere
  • The ability to enter each of the Astral Temples at will and use them for your own personal meditation and spiritual development
  • The Archangel associated with each sephiroth and gain a personal experience of contact with them
  • The spiritual experience of walking each of the paths of the Tree of Life
  • The energetic transitions that you will experience as you pass from one sphere to another
  • An embedding, at the unconscious level, of the correspondences of Tarot Cards and Hebrew Letters to each of the paths
  • The importance and implications of initiation in the Western Mystery Tradition
  • The three degrees of initiation within the Western Mysteries and the responsibilities that go with them
  • The requirements and process of preparation for taking initiation into the First Degree


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