Module 6: Practical Ritual Magic

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Welcome to Module 6 of the First Degree Course, where we start to look at a very basic spiritual/magical process for energetically clearing a space and for protecting that space from unwanted energies.
Ritual or ceremonial magic is a key skill of a competent magician. There are three specific magical rituals covered in this module, with detailed instructions as to how to perform them.

Upon completion of this module you will know:

  • What rituals or magical ceremonies are
  • The purpose and function of magical ritual
  • The process of working a ritual in the Qabalastic tradition invoking the Archangels of the Quarters
  • The purpose and function of a basic clearing ritual known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or “LBRP”
  • The practical applications of ritual
  • How to perform a ritual of your own
  • Why and how visualisation is an essential and critical part of magical ritual
  • The experience of working a ritual for yourself and the results of that ritual
  • Perform the Rose Cross Ritual of Protection
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