Module 5: Tarot Alchemy

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Welcome to Module Five, where we start to look at the Tarot as one of the most powerful tools for spiritual development within the Western Mystery Tradition.

What you will learn in this Module:

  • The power of the Tarot as a tool for spiritual development
  • The basic structure of the Tarot Deck (the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards)
  • The esoteric (hidden) titles of the Major Arcana Cards, their correspondences with the Hebrew Letters and their astrological correspondences.
  • How to colour in the Tarot Cards and complete the colouring by hand of your own set of Major Arcana Cards
  • How to use your knowledge of submodalities, and your preferred representational system, to enhance your experience of your own meditations
  • A deeper level of experience and knowledge of the meaning and symbolism of the Tarot Major Arcana.
  • An insight into which of the strands within the Western Mystery Tradition you are personally drawn to, into the tradition represented by your choice of Tarot Deck
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