Module 4: Personal Development & Magic

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Welcome to Module 4, “Personal Development & Magic.” In this module we take what was covered in the free introductory modules one step further, and cover the NLP Communication Model, beliefs and presuppositions, sub-modalities and emotional clearing in some detail.

This module is “pre-teaching” some of the concepts and ideas covered in much more detail in Module 10, the NLP Diploma Training. The intention of this module is to introduce you to key NLP concepts as they relate directly to your study of magic in the following modules and lessons. In particular we focus on emotional clearing and provide you with simple tools for clearing your own negative emotions that may surface as you follow this training.

Upon completion of this module you will have learnt:

  • How to take responsibility for your own spiritual development
  • The NLP Model of Communication
  • The function of the two minds – conscious and unconscious
  • How to utilise the unconscious mind for your Spiritual Development
  • How your daily choices impact your future
  • How to align your conscious and unconscious mind
  • The importance of beliefs in underpinning our ability to operate effectively, and specifically to operate as effective magicians
  • The basic set of (generally unconscious) beliefs that it is useful for us to have if we are to practise magic effectively
  • The critical importance of emotional clearing as part of the process of spiritual development
  • How each of us processes and stores time
  • Meditative processes, using a downloadable MP3 file from the Helios Website, to assist you in clearing negative emotions.
  • The importance of balancing the metaphysical elements within ourselves
  • The purpose of initiation as it relates to spiritual development
  • The grades of initiation within the Helios School
  • The key (submodality) distinctions in developing our own self-awareness and in sensory perception
  • How to use these distinctions to develop your own skills of sensory perception
  • How to improve your visualisation during meditation
  • To identify your preferred sensory representational system for creating pictures, sounds and feelings within
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