Module 3: Introduction to Qabalah

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This module introduces the Qabalistic tradition of the Jews and the famous glyph of “The Tree of Life”.

Understanding the Qabalah is one of the mainstays of the western mystery tradition. It is a map or framework through which one can understand not only the cabalistic tradition but many other esoteric traditions as well.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of what the Qabalah is
  • The basic structure of the Qabalistic Tree of Life
  • The detailed colour schemes of the Tree of Life
  • The concept of the four worlds in Qabalistic philosophy
  • The correspondence of each of the spheres of the tree of life with the four worlds
  • The attributions and meaning of each of the spheres on the Tree
  • The concept of the ‘Three Pillars’ of the Tree of Life
  • The idea of pathworking and how we can walk the paths of the tree of life
  • The Tarot correspondences with the Tree of LIfe
  • The ‘Magical Images’ of the Tree of Life and how they are used
  • How to perform the Middle Pillar exercise
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