Module 2: NLP & Spiritual Development

6 Lessons


This is Andy Cooper and Lynn Robinson, founding initiates of Helios. We would like to personally invite you to take this introductory training module from Helios which introduces you to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its importance as part of a coherent programme of spiritual and magical development.

We are both passionate about NLP and its ability to change people’s lives for the better. We each have over 25 years of practical experience in how NLP has changed our own lives and those of our family, friends and students. We know from our own, personal experience how it has helped each of us on our own spiritual journey.

As Third Degree Initiates we have trodden a long, challenging path which has presented many challenges and obstacles for each of us in different ways, and without the tools of NLP it is more than likely that we would not have got this far. It is not by accident that the co-founders of NLP called their first book “The Structure of Magic”, and we look forward to being able to share this magic with you. We hope that in time we may get to share our passion for NLP and magic with you in person, but for now, this introductory training will have to suffice.

This module is designed to introduce the core concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the specific NLP tools and processes that are relevant to how we teach magic in Helios. These two free modules serve as an introduction for all our students, whether you are a full member of Helios or you are simply “visiting” and considering whether studying with Helios is right for you.

We have called this module “Creating the Magical Self: NLP and Spiritual Development” and upon completion of this module you will have learnt:

  • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Why NLP is important to magical and spiritual development
  • The scope and breadth of NLP
  • Key NLP models and processes (including the Presuppositions of NLP, the NLP Communication Model, Rapport, Belief Change, Emotional Clearing and Logical Levels)
  • The relevance of specific NLP Processes in spiritual development and magical ritual
  • How Helios integrates NLP and magical training to create a coherent model of emotional, mental and spiritual development.

For now it is over to you. You can start with either of the first two modules: Hidden Wisdom (Module 1) or Creating the Magical Self (Module 2), and should you wish to continue your studies with Helios on the full “Path of the Adept” training (which we sincerely hope you will) then both of these modules need to be completed prior to starting on the full training. Once again, we wish you good fortune, fun, excitement, adventure and for you to know that you start this journey with our blessings.

Andy Cooper & Lynn Robinson

Course Materials

Module 2 Introduction

Lesson 1: Why is NLP Important?

Lesson 2: The Gifts Within NLP

Lesson 3: The Many Opportunities for Change and Growth

Lesson 4: Helios - An Integrated Approach

Module 2 Review