Module 10: NLP Diploma Training

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Welcome to the Helios NLP Diploma training material, which has been developed by Lynn Robinson, Master Trainer of NLP and Third Degree Initiate of Helios. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey and along the way you will learn many skills to make positive changes in your life and in the lives of others.  NLP is a model for excellence, and it is also much more.   The techniques come alive when you bring the integrity and caring that is you, into them.  It takes commitment and dedication to learn these new techniques and integrate them into your life. The Principles of NLP form a very strong foundation from which to develop your skills, and to live your life.  It is the combination of the principles and the techniques that create the power of this model.  It is a model that can be used in all areas of your life to help you achieve your goals, and help you become the best you can be.

The core syllabus of the NLP Diploma is detailed in the table below:

NLP Diploma Outline

Introduction to NLP• History of NLP
• Definitions of NLP
• Presuppositions of NLP
• C>E
• C>E from a magical perspective
The NLP Communication Model• Conscious Mind & Unconscious mind
• NLP Communication Model
• Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
• Keys to Creating Excellence
• Keys to an Achievable Outcome
Rapport• Rapport
• Matching & Mirroring
• Pacing & Leading
• Sensory Acuity
• Rapport & Ritual
Representational Systems• Representational Systems
• Rep Systems Preference Test
• Predicates
• Communication Categories
SubModalities• What are sub-Modalities
• The effects of Sub-Modalities
• Sub-Modalities Checklist
• Mapping across
• Sub-Modality Belief Change
• Sub-Modalities in meditation & magic
Linguistics• Introduction to Linguistics
• Milton Model
• Meta Model
• The use of language patterns in Magic
Anchoring• What is anchoring?
• Keys to anchoring
• Anchors in relationships
• Utilising anchors in magic
Reframing & Perceptual Positions• Context Reframe
• Meaning Reframe
• Perceptual positions
Values• Values
• Hierarchies of Values
• Towards/Away From
Metaprograms• Introduction to Meta programs
• Meta programs for increased self-awareness
• Direction Sort
• Relationship Sort
• Frame of Reference
• Convincer
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