The Third Degree

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Initiation into the Third Degree grants candidates access to the withdrawn order or “Adytum” of the Helios School and it’s inner plane withdrawn order, “The Fraternitatis Alexandrae.”

This commitment is called the “Unreserved Dedication” and making it will commit the initiate to not simply their current lifetime as a teacher of the Mysteries, but a dedication to the Mysteries and the Light for future lifetimes too.

Such a commitment has life-changing implications for those close to you, your family, friends and quite possibly your career. Often times people see initiations to be collected like awards for good behaviour or for achieving “things.” This is NOT the case. They are “an outward sign of an inner grace bestowed” and with them go responsibilities that are not to be taken lightly.

For many people who walk the path of the Third Degree there is an inner knowingness that this path has been walked before in previous lifetimes, and often awareness of this previous learning and knowledge starts to become available in their current life.

There have been times over the millennia when the Light of the Mysteries has very nearly been extinguished, and it is a heavy responsibility that Third Degree Initiates choose to accept. The training fully equips initiates to teach the Mysteries, and besides a detailed and tailored magical and spiritual training, the student agrees to attend and become certified as a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The details of the spiritual training at this level are withdrawn and available only to initiates who choose to take on this responsibility. Suffice to say the training is of both Egyptian and Atlantean origin.Students are personally mentors by the Director of studies and the programme is only open to Second Degree Initiates personally invited to join by the Director of Studies.

Membership requires a personal commitment to teach The Mysteries and to complete both the Third Degree training material and the NLP Trainer’s Training and Trainer’s Certification.