Module 1: Hidden Wisdom

Welcome! To the Path of the Adept. "Hidden Wisdom" is the free first introductory training module of the First Degree Training of Helios School of Esoteric Science.

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This is Andy Cooper, the Director of Studies of Helios, and one of the school’s founding initiates. I want to thank you for taking the first step on what promises to be an exciting, challenging, insightful and ultimately fulfilling journey towards your destiny as a spiritually aware, mentally perceptive and emotionally mature human being. In the words of Dion Fortune, one of the greatest occultists and magicians of the 20th Century, you are on your way to becoming “more than human.”

This is the first of two introductory modules and introduces you to the “Path of the Adept” Training from Helios and enables you to see how and what we teach. The core syllabus for this first module is:

  • Introduction to personal and spiritual development
  • Daily meditations and exercises
  • Identifying your own reasons for wanting to study magic
  • Defining your goals and outcomes for the training
  • The history and development of the Western Mystery Tradition
  • An introduction to Egyptian Magic
  • A brief outline of Atlantis and Atlantean Magic as the root of the Western Mystery Traditions
  • What to expect if you choose to continue your training through becoming a member of Helios

For now, it is over to you, to make the first step on what I know will prove to be an exciting, stimulating and challenging journey. Like the Fool on the first Tarot Card, you are stepping off into the unknown, and it is ultimately faith in yourself, your commitment and your dedication that will carry you through.

Remember, each one of us carries the Light of the Mysteries within our hearts, even if we are not yet aware of it. In time it will grow to become like the lantern of the Hermit in the Tarot Card, a beacon of light for others to follow. I wish you good fortune, fun, excitement, adventure and for you to know that you start this journey with our blessings.



Founder & Director of Studies


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