I’m excited to announce that we have launched a new e-commerce, online store on the Helios Website, with a range of Tarot Spells to buy and download.

Most of you already know, I’m sure, that the Tarot is a powerful tool for divination and spiritual development, but it can also be a powerful tool for ritual magic. Donald Tyson in his book “Portable Magic” (Llewellyn, 2006) states:

“… A deck of Tarot Cards contains everything you need to work a complete and effective system of ritual magic. With the cards alone you can construct an astral temple, build an altar, cast a magic circle….  You can use the Tarot to accomplish any purpose you would seek to achieve through more cumbersome and complex methods of ceremonial magic.”

I have worked ritual with the Tarot over many years, writing my own spells to create specific outcomes that I often struggled to achieve through any “normal” methods. Indeed, even sometimes when I have failed to unlock something with NLP, I have found the answer in the Tarot.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that sometimes we encounter situations in our daily life that we just can’t fix! The power of logic escapes us and we can’t seem to figure a way out. When this happens, it is time for something more than just thinking – it is time for “real” magic. It’s time to harness the unseen powers of your mind and of the Universe to deliver results that you won’t get any other way – and the Tarot is a fantastic tool for this.

There is a catalogue of more than 15 spells – the first six of which are available now, with the rest to follow very soon. Many of them are spells I wrote for myself over the last 15 years and with some modification I have made them available for other people to use. But this isn’t just playing with a bunch of Tarot Cards! A LOT of work has gone into these spells; I have included Tarot Cards from the Helios Tarot Deck to colour in and to meditate upon in the days leading up to when the magic is to be performed. I provide the timing based on the planetary rulers of the days and the hours, and utilise candle magic and essential oils to boost the power.

In addition, we use the NLP concepts of Cause > Effect and Ecology to ensure that you properly define the specific outcome you want from your magic, and we include an outcomes worksheet with each spell to assist you in that process, together with an mp3 guided meditation to help you shift any unconscious blocks to making the magic happen.

And if that isn’t enough, we provide over two hours of detailed videos walking you through the process step by step, and of course, the Tarot Ritual itself with all the steps involved in performing the magic effectively.

I’m excited to share these spells with you, and they are available to purchase now on the Helios Website. When you complete your purchase you will gain access to your online account from where you can watch the videos and download all the supplemental materials, Tarot Cards, mp3 guided meditation and the ritual itself. I hope that you have as much fun performing them and seeing the results of your magic as I have had – both in writing them and in the results I have had from the magic.

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