Create the life you desire through training in the ancient art and science of Magic and the Occult Arts.


What is Helios?

A modern day Mystery School providing the only magical and esoteric training to fully address emotional, mental and spiritual development, integrating the ancient spiritual wisdom of the West with the latest psychological techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The purpose of “Helios” is to create training in the Western Mysteries that truly enables students to create fulfilling and magical lives for themselves and those they love. To enable students to identify their purpose in life and to live that purpose as fully as possible.

The vision of the founders of the Helios School of Esoteric Science is to create initiates who are worthy of that term. Who truly bless the Earth upon which they walk and who carry the Torch of the Mysteries on to the next generation of spiritual seekers.

With Helios you will learn how to:

Get crystal clear about who you are, where you are going and your own vision and purpose for your life.
Gain clarity on what holds you back and how to overcome your self-imposed limitations.
Access the unseen (and often denied) levels of creation to create personal change and the life you desire.
Walk the path of the ancient adepts, access the power of the Gods and come to “know yourself”.


Why Study The Science of Magic and Occult Arts?

shutterstock_81725929Do you think there’s more to life than working to pay the bills and keep your family safe?
Do you have a sense of “something missing” from what we are taught about what life is all about?
Have you tried conventional spiritual paths but still not found that “inner peace” and fulfilment?
Do you really want to know who you are and how you came to be on this planet at this time?
Have you been inspired by the magic of “Harry Potter” and wondered if there is any real truth in the stories of magic and mystery?
Do you find the mainstream explanations of our history and evolution inadequate and incomplete and believe that there is something more to who we are and where we come from?

If any of these questions strike a chord with you, then read on and you may find yourself treading a very ancient and sacred path through the passages of time and between the worlds you know, and the worlds you have yet to discover….


Do you want to find your life’s purpose?

You need to learn to connect with yourself at your deepest levels
You will connect with your own higher self (or higher conscious mind) and understand your deepest motivations and values, and what motivates you to lead the life you were born to lead
When you follow your own life’s purpose you will feel fulfilled, “on track” and be able to make decisions based on your own life’s purpose and values, giving your crystal clear clarity about how to decide whether something is appropriate for you or not
You will naturally align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves to create a powerful force to manifest your life’s purpose and desires.

shutterstock_88895158Do you want to gain control of your life?

You will develop a different worldview to most people, seeing the “bigger picture” of your life and stepping out of the “tick tock” of everyday life to gain a different perspective. You will learn how to make decisions from this greater perspective on your own life, and gain control over the things that knock you off track, and embrace those that enable you to stay on track.




If making excuses and blaming others for where you are is how you choose to live your life
then what Helios offers is definitely not for you!

How will I learn?


The Path of the Adept

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